Monday, August 25, 2014

Zoya, Rory.

I just got this polish from Zoya; they had another great promo so I got this one and Channing. It has such a nice formula and it's packed with a silvery white shimmer. I knew I had to put it on right away!

Am I the only one who thinks of The Gilmore Girls when I see the name Rory?

I used 2 coats of Zoya, Rory and the formula was very nice and easy to apply. Dry time was average. I always find that shimmer polishes like these are always very nice in formula and consistency. Rory is from the 2012 Summer Beach & Surf Collection. She looks very pink in these photos but she also has some cool lilac undertones; a unique pink and also unique to my stash. She falls right between SpaRitual, Courage (lighter, more mauve) and Illamasqua, Ouija (much brighter pink). 

In looking at my pinks I have found they have become the underdog in my collection; I will need to remedy that. Can you recommend any great pinks? What's your favorite pink?

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  1. Pretty shade! I think that this will look great come fall :)


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