Wednesday, October 29, 2014

China Glaze, But Of Corpse... I Love Your Guts.

What do you think of my play on words, there?

On my Index & Middle: China Glaze, But Of Corpse. A metallic green apple or lime green.

On my Ring & Pinkie: China Glaze, I Love Your Guts. A metallic berry pink.

This complimentary pair of polishes are from the Apocalypse Of Color Collection and they are quite unique. I'm not sure if you would call them frosts, metallics, textures, or glitters. The base is a frosty metallic loaded with fine black glitters. They are gritty glitters that give a very unique finish to the polish. It's textured but not as heavily as most textured polishes. A few notes on the formula: These thicken quite quickly as you polish your nails and I found thinner coats worked best. If I applied a coat too thick it would crack much like a Crackle Type polish. Otherwise I found the formula to be fine, not spectacular, but fine. These also dried quickly.

I applied a coat of ACI's In A Hurry Air Dry Top Coat and surprisingly it still kept it's textured finish.

This reminds of a past mani I did last year.

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