Monday, December 1, 2014

Barielle, Jetsetter Collection Review and Swatches.


CORRECTION: The Giveaway is for the Me Couture Collection. See Tomorrows post for corrected photo and Giveaway Post; Sorry for the confusion!

Barielle sent me their newest collection, Jetsetter, to review and a set for me to giveaway. They also sent some of their awesome nail treatments as well. I love the mix of colors in this collection; they are all right up my alley. All are shown with 2 coats and I didn't have an issue with formula on any of them.


Kiss Me Kate is 'A creamy beige/pink' but I see it as a peachy nude. It's very opaque and easy to apply. It is a thicker formula but not enough to be bothersome during application. This is a nice palette cleanser but on me it made my skin take on a red tinge. 

Autumn In Seoul is what Barielle calls 'A deep, copper shimmer'. I find this to be more bronze. It's beautiful; it seems to glow from within. The formula is very thin and seems to be sheer but after 2 coats I found it to be plenty opaque. 

I wore Kiss Me Kate and Autumn In Seoul for Thanksgiving:

Irish Eyes is referred to as 'A creamy moss green' by Barielle. I think that's pretty accurate but I would also add that there's a dusty or muted quality to it. I like it because it makes me think of vintage 70's colors. Groovy, Baby. Another nice opaque creme with a slightly thick formula.

Gondola Ride is my kind of jam; 'A creamy sage green'; it's one of those odd neutral colors that I love. It's almost a lighter version of Irish Eyes. A nice opaque creme.

Rain In Spain is a beautiful light periwinkle creme; it leans more blue than purple. I've heard some people mention they had difficulty with the formula but I found it to be easy to work with. It can be a little streaky but nothing that a 2nd coat can't fix. It is on the thick side but it's opaque. 

Midnight In Paris is a stunning 'Midnight blue/purple' basically its a deep blurple and when I swatched it I went 'YAYUS' because it's so gorgeous. I can't wait to wear this! Formula reminded me of Autumn In Seoul but just a touch thicker. 1st coat is very opaque but a little streaky; a 2nd evens it right out to a very dark blurple thats almost black. This one also seems to glow from within.

I know these aren't typical Fall/Winter colors but I love the fact that these deviate a little from the norm. You still get some nice colors of the season (Autumn In Seoul & Midnight In Paris) but you get some neutrals and pops of color. A great variety. And LOOK: No Pinks! LOL Sorry, I just get bored by the obligatory pink shade.

I also got a little creative and mixed up a franken of 1/2 Autumn In Seoul & 1/2 Kiss Me Kate. The end result is a beautiful soft mauve with a subtle shimmer. What do you think of my mix?

I highly suggest following Barielle's Facebook Page and signing up for their newsletter (scroll to the bottom of the page). There will be lots of great promos this month and you won't want to miss them. Check out their 5-Packs of Shades because they make great gifts!

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