Saturday, March 7, 2015

Finish 7 By Spring: Update #2.


Check out my original intro post for more info on each product.

I know I'm super late with this update but my father was in the hospital for 9 days and then passed away so I've just kinda been hanging on to what little sanity I have left. These types of things can wait in the grand scheme of things, you know?!? 

On to the update...

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Body Salt Scrub with Guava and Vitamin C: I still haven't used this much but I will continue trying to use it. It smells amazing but its not my favorite type of scrub with the salt particles being so large.
Weigh ins as follows: 
8.6 fl.oz. on 1/6/15
8.2 fl.oz. on 1/20/15
7.1 fl.oz. on 3/7/15

Freeman Bare Foot Lemon + Sage Foot Balm: Done! Basically, the packaging is what weighs 1 fluid ounce. I honestly have fallen in love with this product; my feet get really tired and this helps perk them right up. It seems to help with circulation which would make since because it says right on the packaging that it is 'Ideal for Diabetic foot care' and it contains 'Tea Tree Oil to help soothe tired feet'. Great product and I will purchase more.
Weigh ins as follows: 
5.6 fl.oz. on 1/6/15
3.8 fl.oz. on 1/20/15
1.0 fl.oz. on 3/7/15

Thought you might be interested in seeing the consistency of these two products:

LUSH Carrot Soap: Completed January 9th; see my post HERE.

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter: Ugh! For some reason I keep forgetting about this product. I did use it some but I'm at the point where I know this isn't a product I will miss. So, it will probably go in the trash after this challenge. It's not a bad product. It's not a great product either. It's meh.

ULTA Minerals Powder Foundation in Fair 01: I'm gonna call this done; Can't get the powder out easily anymore so I will be prying the plastic sifter off and it will be 100% gone the next time I do my makeup. I'm switching over to my It Cosmetics pressed powder now.

Too Faced, Be Merry Be Bright Bronzer in Spice: This is also pretty much done. It's hard to get enough product on my brush to apply it evenly so I will be switching to the bronzer in the It Cosmetics CC+ Palette. I also really love using the peachy highlight with the bronzer. 

NOW FOODS, Quercetin With Bromelain: Started using this 2 weeks ago but I had 'life' happen and I was derailed. I will be attempting to start back up with this soon. It's a little tough to remember to take it when I eat meals. But I will try. Used about 10 capsules so far. My allergies have been starting too so I really need to use these now.

Did you recently do an update? Let me know in the comments below so I can check it out and don't forget to check out these gals for their updates! I can create a list for blog posts too so let me know in the comments if you only do blog posts like me!

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