Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wear Test: FingerPaints Endless Wear, It's All About The Frame.


It's another Wear Test! After I perused some blog posts/reviews about some of the latest 'Extended Wear' type lacquers I actually found a resounding amount of reviewers that felt the FingerPaints new Endless Wear System was better than the China Glaze and Orly ones. So, I decided to give it a run.

Here's the deets:

Many reviewers mentioned the formula on this polish as being better than the others and I have to say I felt the formula applied beautifully. It was just the perfect consistency and I had very little clean up if any. The brush worked well for a clean line at the cuticle and I didn't have any issues with drag. The formula is on the thin side and I did notice it was a little sheer but not enough to require a 3rd coat (I used 2 coats). With this Endless Wear System you don't use a separate base coat; the Long Wear Color has a built-in base coat. Dry time on the color was fast too. It's All About The Frame is a beautiful light beige with holographic micro shimmer. Not enough holographic shimmer to give you a linear holo effect but still very pretty when the light hits it. Indoors it looks like a nice neutral beige (a perfect nude or work appropriate color). I love this color.

The top coat wasn't as impressive as the color. First off it's a little on the thin side; It didn't feel like it was sealing the color in. It took quite awhile to dry and when it did dry I felt like I didn't have any top coat on. I like a top coat that smooths over my nails; this was so thin I could still see all the ridges in my nails. My nails are very thin and flexible and this didn't give them any sort of rigidity or protection. I thought about applying another coat but I wanted to test this with just one coat.

I didn't snap any photos during the wear test which is a fail on my end. However, I can tell you that you didn't miss much. This polish was chipped worse than my original Salon Perfect Wear Test on Day 3. And I hadn't done any really intensive work with my hands in those 3 days. It took all my will power not to take this off before Day 7. It looked bad.

The Lightening Bolt is covering up a nasty paper cut.

Since I started these Wear Test posts I've come to realize that nothing lasts as long as a good old glitter polish; they just wear like iron and give you lots of protection too if you're like me and have thin, flexible nails. Well, other than Shellac. Shellac is my go-to when I need something to last me 2 solid weeks. Would I recommend this to someone for Extended Wear? No. Would I recommend the color? Yes. I dig the color and the formula; I can always top it with my In A Hurry or Gelous. It is more expensive than your typical polish though ($7.99) but the nice formula kind of makes up for that. It really all depends on what you look for in a polish. You can also get these on promo from Sally Beauty; Buy 2 Get 1 Free and they are $7.49 with a Beauty Club Card. 

Next I will try the China Glaze EverGlaze System to see how that one performs.  

I bought this. See my Disclosure Policy HERE.

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  1. Pretty color! Was interested to see a review on this line, and thanks for suffering thru the wear test!


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