Saturday, January 23, 2016

Nerd Lacquer, The Zed Word.

Hey Gang! Long time no post... It's been over a month!

The new job is coming along as can be expected but it's been a little exhausting especially since I've started the 9/80 schedule (Every other Friday off in addition to my usual Saturday & Sunday). I wasn't supposed to start this schedule until my 6 month mark but due to departmental needs I got to start two weeks ago.  Yesterday was my very 1st Friday off so I managed to get some posts up for you!

Even though I didn't post much in December I still stuck with Nerd-mas and wore all Nerd Lacquer!

After my last post (Regal Copper), I wore The Zed Word. This is a new profile for Nerd Lacquer; it's a golden off-white shimmer with silver, red, and green micro glitter. No large chunky glitters in this baby, it's pure subtle bad-assery. Then, the fact that this is a Zombie (yes, I know, I shouldn't have typed it) themed polish only propels it further into the bad-ass zone. I freaking love Zombies! Zombie, Zombie, Zombie. I'm not afraid to say it type it.



Formula was very nice and only required 2 coats for opacity. Of course I set my Nerds upside down for a bit to make sure I get plenty of pigment and glitter on my brush. I then give them a little shake and roll between my hands before polishing. I had no issues with application and as you can see I got a very clean line at the cuticle. The shimmer in this is so glowy and ethereal; absolutely beautiful.


What do you think of The Zed Word? Are you liking this new formula from Nerd Lacquer or do you prefer the chunkier glitters?

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