Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cult Nails, Flushed. (7 Days of Purple for Cancer Awareness & Prevention)

Cult Nails, Flushed. 3 coats.

 Here's a stunning beauty for you all... Avibrant purple jelly with an intense pink shimmer. For those of you who are quite familiar with Cult Nails you know that a lot of them are jelly types due to the fact that it gives the polish incredible depth and an incredible shiny finish. It's also a much easier to apply.

The formula on Flushed did not disappoint; excellent self leveling. A few seconds after polishing I would find a little polish pooled on the side of my nail; the good thing is I always use an orange wood stick to clean up after polishing each nail. I was able to clean it up quickly and easily. I'm thinking it's a result of the self leveling formula. The first coat was pretty sheer but that is to be expected with a jelly. I could have gotten away with two coats but I added the third just to increase the intensity of the color... and it is so beautiful. The brush works well but mine was a little wonky. Dry time was average. I did not use a base coat or a top coat on this; but look how glossy it is on it's own!

You can purchase Cult Nails online at

Today I wanted to direct you to a different section of the Cancer Schmancer website. I find this website has a wealth of information without overwhelming you. This is one of Cancer Schmancer's initiatives called Trash Cancer; it's their way of taking you through the processing of eliminating cancer causing substances in, on, and around you. With Trash Cancer you can take the Check, Choose, and Change Challenge as well as sign up to host a Trash Cancer Party. I actually had an online Trash Cancer Party last summer.

Reminder: If you want to help me reach my fundraising goal for the ACS you can donate online using this secure website:

Quick links to Day 1Day 2, and Day 3!


  1. This is by far my favorite purple! I love your swatch, it is perfect!

    1. It's a stunner! Thank you so much, you made my day!


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