Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July Fail!


These were the only two left to photograph.

Hey Kids! (That's what I always say to my pets) 

I thought I would wear my Jamberry Nail Strips in Born To Sparkle today. I absolutely love the colors and print of these. These were the exclusive Sisters Style for the month if June and are no longer available for purchase. Half of them are in the red with white stars and the other half are in the red to silver gradient. You can apply them as you like; as an accent nail, alternating (which is what I originally did here), or any way that suits your fancy. They are also very fitting for the occasion.

The last time I wore some Jamberry Nail Strips was when I did this Black & White Skittle. When I wore these I had a bit of a problem with the edges pulling up and away from the nail. It was really annoying when washing and styling my hair; they kept getting caught. 

This time I thought I would try to add a base coat that would help keep the strips adhered to my nails. Barielle's Nail Rebuilding Protein base coat always has exceptional wear time and it dries slightly tacky so I thought it would be perfect. 

After allowing the base coat to dry completely I went through the process of selecting the right size strip and heating it up for 5 seconds (using my hair dryer) just before applying to each nail. All went well during application except I did get a few wrinkles at the free edge of some of my nails. 

I top coated my nails with 2 coats of In A Hurry to protect them.

A few hours later I had a few pop right off. :( I then tested a few others and found they peeled right off. I'm not really impressed with these nail strips (the NCLA ones actually held up well for me) but I will still try to find a way to make them work for me. It could have been the base coat or perhaps these don't work well with top coat.

Anyways, I hope your 4th of July has gone well so far. My hubby and I are partaking in The Walking Dead's Dead, White, and Blue Marathon. We will be grilling up some Rib Eye steaks and Corn on the Cob here shortly. 

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