Sunday, August 10, 2014

It's Shark Week!

It's Shark Week, Bitches!!! (Said in a playful and silly way!)

I am fully prepared to partake in Shark Week activities and I grabbed some awesome new Shark Nail Decals from Jane's Tiny Things a few weeks ago.

Index & Ring: 2 coats of Zoya, Blu. This is a very opaque super pale blue. It's even paler than Kristen. The formula is on the thick side and it tends to be a little streaky and not good at self leveling. I added a topper of Zoya, Opal (an irridescent flakie that flashes green and blue) to give it a water effect. 

Middle & Pinkie: 2 coats of Barielle, Money Talks. A light teal green, but not as light as Blu. It's lighter than both China Glaze, For Audrey and Wet n Wild, I Need a Refresh-Mint. It's darker than Illamasqua, Nudge. The formula is much like Blu and if you click here you can read my review on Money Talks. I also added a coat of Zoya, Opal to these nails as well. 

Thumb: 2 coats of Zoya, Purity. This is a very thick & streaky white creme. I had read many reviews giving this high praise but for me this is a miss. I did add some thinner and it helps a little but not much. I will still give this one a few more tries but I still prefer China Glaze, White On White. I added 1 coat of China Glaze, Dandy Lyin' Around on top. It's a very fine glass flecked white that leans a little on the sheer side. Layering it over Purity was perfect. It helped to level everything out and gave it a little shimmer. I stamped the blood splatter on my thumb nail using Bundle Monster plate BM-416 and China Glaze, China Rouge.

All my nails (except my thumbs) got a Shark Decal. How awesome are these?!? I die! I applied them using this method I've used before and it went much better than last time. I then top coated all my nails with In A Hurry. Bam! Shark Nails! 

Are you rocking Shark Nails for Shark Week? If so, show me in my Facebook Group

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