Monday, March 10, 2014

Barielle's Vibrants for Spring 2014 - Swatches.


Guess what else arrived in the mail? That's right, the other new Barielle collection! This is much more of my idea of a Spring collection. Let's take a look...

From Left to Right: My City Apartment, Designer's Shoe, First Class Ticket.

From Left to Right: Money Talks, Fire Me Up, Take Me Shopping.

From Left to Right: My City Apartment, Money Talks, First Class Ticket, Designer's Shoe, a Take Me Shopping, Fire Me Up.

Front to Back: Fire Me Up, Take Me Shopping, Designer's Shoe, First Class Ticket, Money Talks, My City Apartment.

Fire Me Up is a vibrant and bold orange. The formula is a cross between a creme and a jelly; a crelly. A very opaque crelly. What you see here is 2 coats and no top coat. I'm very happy to see a serious orange in Barielle's line up; one of my favorite nail colors is orange. This orange is also very unique to my stash. The closest colors in my stash are Bettina, Starfish (slightly lighter with more white in the base) and China Glaze, Roguish Red (much more red in the base but the intensity is very similar). All other oranges in my stash are either much lighter or have more coral hints. For those of you who don't care for visible nail line may want to go with 3 coats. This is easily my favorite of the collection and I can't wait to rock a summer mani of this with an accent of Take Me Shopping or a fall mani with My Tan Blazer.

Take Me Shopping is a hot pink creme. My swatch shows 2 coats without top coat. Someone over there loves this color; I see no discernible difference between this, Barielle's Fifth Avenue Boutique, and Barielle's Straight A Coral. Personally, I am completely bored with the fact that they keep re-releasing this shade. Just another pink in my book.

From Left to Right: Fifth Avenue Boutique, Take Me Shopping, Straight A Coral.

Designer's Shoes is a periwinkle purple creme. That's right, I said periwinkle purple, not periwinkle blue. This is much more purple than blue. This is also a 1 coat wonder. This swatch is one coat without top coat. I also have this on my toes and I love it. The formula is super creamy and opaque. Perfect for spring and very flattering. This lands right between Bettina, Flip-Flop (slightly darker) & China Glaze, Secret Peri-wink-le (almost dead on but a hair more blue). This is my 2nd favorite of the collection because of the great formula and bright springy shade.

First Class Ticket is a light sky blue creme but it's still bright and fun. My swatch shows 2 coats without top coat. Formula was a lot like Designer's Shoes but not as opaque. The closest color in my stash is Priti NYC's Baby Blue Eyes but BBE is slightly brighter with a very soft shimmer.

Money Talks is a pale mint green creme but the formula was a little too thick for my liking. It also didn't self level too well. My swatch shows 2 coats without top coat. The closest color in my stash is Wet n' Wild's I Need a Refresh-Mint, but Money Talks has a little more white in it's base. I also have Barielle's Ocean Breeze which is significantly darker than Money Talks but with the formula being not so great I would opt for either of the other two instead.

My City Apartment is a light gray creme. It's got a cool tone to it. My swatch show 2 coats without top coat. Formula was a lot like First Class Ticket. I don't have too many grays in my collection but I do have Barielle's U-Concrete-Me which is significantly darker. This is a great spring neutral and would look great as an accent nail with First Class Ticket and Designer's Shoes. 

I like this collection much more than the Spring Velvets; much more color. I do wish there were more than cremes in this collection; let's add some shimmers and glitters. I want them to have a little more fun with their shades. 

You can find these new Shades at Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off.

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