Friday, October 10, 2014

Tips and Lips: Milani Enchanted Emerald and Enchanted Topaz.


Here's the last lipstick and nail lacquer I have to show you from Milani's Bedazzled Collection. Sorry for the delay in getting this posted; we found we had to move stat so we had to drop everything and focus on finding a new place. Right now we are in the eye of the storm so it's calmed down some but it's gonna get crazy here again in a few days.

As I've said in my earlier posts it was believed that this collection would be exclusive to Walgreens but I did see some of these listed on Milani's website so if you are on the hunt for these check their website first. I did see that quite a few of these were already sold out. 

Milani Color Statement Nail Lacquer in Enchanted Emerald. This is a very dark forest green but not as dark as Enchanted Sapphire. This one is much more obvious that it is green but in low lighting you will mistake this for a black. Formula was just like Enchanted Sapphire; very opaque, a little on the thick side and thickens during application but all in all a nice formula. The round gold caps don't come off for easier polishing and the brushes are a bit on the stiff side. This is 2 coats with one coat of In A Hurry Air Dry Top Coat. The nice thing is these don't stain your nails and they are also very durable and wear well. I think this will be great for November and December.  

Oddly enough I found quite a few comparisons for this. One of which being the green creme from Barielle's new Me Couture Fall Collection. Check them out:

1) Barielle, Boho Chic vs. Milani, Enchanted Emerald: These two are soooo close; Boho Chic is just a touch lighter. Both are nice, easy to apply cremes.

2) China Glaze, Well Trained (from the new All Aboard Collection) vs. Milani, Enchanted Emerald: Every Fall Collection has a deep green but Well Trained has more blue in its base making it more of a teal green.

3) e.l.f., Green Machine vs. Milani, Enchanted Emerald: Another deep green in my stash is Green Machine. I love this color; as you can see it has a muted quality to it.

4) Illamasqua, Viridian vs. Milani, Enchanted Emerald: These two are very close in color and tone but Viridian is a shimmer.

5) China Glaze, Emerald Fitzgerald vs. Milani, Enchanted Emerald: Yet another shimmer that seemed to be close but it actually appears to be a little darker than Enchanted Emerald.

Milani Enchanted Topaz is a matte nude lipstick. This is a pretty good nude for me, maybe a touch dark but not dark enough to make it unwearable. It doesn't have any pink or peach undertones it's just a very true nude. As with all lighter shades this can settle in lip lines but really it is only bothersome in close up photos like the lip swatch I did below. In reality it looks velvety smooth and luxe. This will get lots of use in my stash. I'm really into matte lippies because I find they are less likely to migrate and transfer. I have a ton of the matte Wet n Wild Megaslicks that I love to wear. I found this lippie to be just as nice (if not nicer) than the Megaslicks. These have a very light formula so it feels like there's nothing on your lips. I also find they apply nicely with a creamy texture; no issues with tugging but I do tend to press them to my lips and warm them up a few seconds. Cold lipstick never applies right. Not everyone digs matte lip color because they can be drying but I don't have that issue with them. I think these are great.

Milani will be releasing a new line of matte lipsticks this holiday season so keep an eye open for them. Perhaps these will be re-released with the permanent line.

Lip Swatch done with clear lip liner; no lip primer.

So which of the collection are your favorites?


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with your comparisons. It just shows me more polishes I need to have! LOL ;)

    1. Bwa Ha Ha! Too funny! Sorry, here I thought it would help! Tee Hee...


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